Foxy Lady


We Made Shawls
In the old days posh ladies used to wear complete foxes around their neck, including head and tail. Nowadays real ladies wear the fiery-red foxfriendly version in silk.

Material: Twill Silk, 17.5 mm
Size: 170 x 30 cm
Design: Leendert Masselink
Care: handle with care, dryclean only

Titled ‘We Made Shawls’ Leendert and Ingrid took their first steps into the world of silk. They now proudly present six different 100% silk shawls with unique and colorful illustrations in the leading role. The designs are infused by retro-styles combined with todays techniques and resulting into classy designs with a touch of humor. Leendert and Ingrid kept the production in own hands. The high-resolution printing is done in the south of the Netherlands, the classic rounded finishing hem is done in Germany. The material of the shawls is 100% twill silk. A graceful accessoire and a deluxe gift in blossoming colors. If you order one of our scarfs it will come in a luxury black box.

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‘My real no fur fox attracts a lot of admirers. They always want me to unfold my Foxy Lady and everyone is touched by her story. I’m gonna take you home I won’t do you no harm, no You’ve got to be all mine, all mine, Foxy Lady’  -Marjolijn, the Netherlands