In a street leading to the Rijksmuseum houses a new gallery: Amsterdam Stories. The curator Magreet Nanning was intrigued by the stream of passing tourists and came up with a fitting theme that suits well in this old Dutch street filled with art- and antiquestores. Margreet invited a variety of artists and designers to customise or decorate a pair of traditional Dutch wooden shoes. We were happy receive an invitation and a pair of blanco clogs and answered with a design in leather and gold.


Inspired by the Elvis Presley song ‘Wooden Heart’ we created a little conversationpiece. Our clogs explain to the viewer: ‘I might wear wooden shoes, but I don’t have a wooden heart’. With a laser machine we cut typography out of thick saddle leather. We used brass screws and washers to attach the leather to the wood. We sanded and varnished the outside of the wooden shoe. The inside we kept nice and rough with it’s hand carved structure but provided it with a layer of oxblood colored lacquer; bloodred, the color of a passionate heart. On the upper edge of the clog we added 22 carat gold leaf for the finishing touch.


Wooden shoes, transparent and oxblood lacquer, brass screws and washers, laser-cut saddle leather, gold leaf, and shellac.


On show:
Amsterdam Stories
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 59, Amsterdam
+31 653207211