Keep your daily flow colorful and organized at the same time with the brand-new stationery line designed by creative studio Leendert meets Ingrid. We were inspired by our own artprint ‘City Walks’ to design this paper series. City rhythm is a metaphor for the regular coming and going in cities, the repetitive activities, the sounds and smells that occur, the days turning into nights and back into days again in urban life.

‘Walk, stop, think, make a note, smile and continue walking.’ The stationery package contains: 1 weekplanner tear of block, 4 different postcards, 1 to do list tear of block, 10 writable gift labels, 2 pencils, a set of 3 buttons moulding in trafficlight!

Our City Rhythm Stationery line is launched at Vincent op Vrijdag in the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum.