Love Birds from Amsterdam

In our own home we have this cabinet where we collect little treasures from flea markets, gifts and special souvenirs from places we visited. How nice would it be to add our our own little design to this collection? A simple piece of honest craftwork with a strong shape, refined and elegant. That’s how we came up with Birchwood Bird: A Handmade plywood bird in four pieces you can easily assemble. We hope it stays in your collection for a long time and we won’t find it in a fleamarket ever!

Leendert meets Ingrid -under consultancy of Ekster & Jay- are responsible for the whole process: design, painting, production and package design, all handmade in Amsterdam.

Birchwood Bird is available on our website and at the Ekster & Jay store in Haarlem.

Festive launch: March 05 // 14:00-16:30hrs // Gierstraat 10, Haarlem